All sorts of semi-random nifty bits

First off, something I include here because it's one of the few pieces of original writing I've done that I'm actually fairly proud of. In my Senior year of high school, my Art Appreciation class was doing a unit on surrealism, and were told to do an essay based on one of the paintings we were studying. The story I came up with is actually one of my favorite pieces that I've written. It was obvoiusly written a few years back, and there are things I'd change if I were writing it today...but I've decided to just keep it in its original form. It's based on the Salvador Dali painting Sleep.

And now for something completely different. Here's some stuff that tends to amuse me. I was going to rotate these around weekly, but never seemed to actually get around to any sort of a schedule, so I'll just start putting them up as I get them ready.

So far we have:

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