Michael "Woody" Hanscom
3005 Wendy's Way #B - Anchorage, AK 99517
(907) 245-1721 - woody@alaska.net


To obtain a position that utilizes my training in computers, layout and design.

Job Experience

TimeFrame June 1996 - present
DocuTech Operator

One of three main DocuTech operators in a high volume printing and reproduction business. Familiar with all operations of the DocuTech and additional features, including the Bookletmaker extention, dynamic label application software upgrade, Extended Storage operations, and PostScript file transfer procedures. Occasional computer work with Macintosh, IBM-compatible (IBM/MS DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95), UNIX, and Xerox proprietary operating systems involved in preparing and transferring files to the DocuTech.

Gig's Music Theater November 1995 - present
DJ, Promotions

Provide between- and after-band musical entertainment. Also responsible for designing and distributing promotional advertisements for the club and bands.

The Lost Abby June 1995 - September 1996
DJ, Promotions

Provide musical entertainment for the evening. Also responsible for designing and distributing promotional advertisements for the club.

Kinko's Copies, Northern Lights June 1993 - June 1996
Key-Op/Docutech Operator/Counter & Register/CS Support

As Key-Op and Docutech Operator, familiarity with each machine in the store, including Kodak CLC 700, Xerox 3050, 5100, 5775 CLC, 5090, and Docutech135. Responsible for knowledge of the operation and maintenance of each machine, including clearing jams, cleaning internal mechanisms as necessary, standard copying and programming complex jobs where applicable.
As Counter & Register support, responsible for most direct customer service operations, including greeting customers, taking in job orders, and handling financial transactions for the finished jobs.
Provided Computer Services support on both Macintosh and IBM computers during hours when the CS staff was not available. Also assisted with troubleshooting any problems with the Macintosh computers when necessary, and assisted with typesetting jobs after CS hours when necessary.

Act III Theaters, Fireweed December 1991 - June 1993
Concessions Supervisor

Responsible for opening or closing operations of Snackbar for day's sales operations, including tracking all inventory, supervising employees on tills, assisting sales when needed, counting down tills at change of shift, and handling any customer service issues.

CARRS Quality Centers, Muldoon July 1990 - May 1991
Courtesy Clerk

Bagged and carried groceries to customer's cars, light janitorial work in and around store.

The Anchorage Times October 1989 - March 1990
Paper Carrier

Stuffing and delivering newspapers, collecting subscription payments from customers.

Other Experience

Bartlett High School Yearbook Senior Year, September 1990 - May 1991
Layout Editor

Designed and edited layouts for award-winning high school yearbook, supervised layout department staff. Required familiarity with Macintosh computers and standard layout/design applications, including Microsoft Word, Aldus Pagemaker 5.0.


I currently have a typing speed of approximately 70 WPM at about 95% accuracy.
Extensive familiarity and knowledge of Apple Macintosh computers and applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel, Aldus/Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Streamline. Limited experience with Quark Xpress. Familiar with systems from 6.0.7 through 7.5.5.
Familiar with basic operations of IBM compatible computers and most applications, including MS-DOS, MS Windows 3.11, MS Windows 95, Aldus Pagemaker v5, Microsoft Word. Limited familiarity with WordPerfect 5 and 6, for DOS and Windows.
Some experience with various flavors of UNIX, including FreeBSD, SCO, and MachTen.
Familiar with the use and programming of HTML documents for display on the World Wide Web. Most comfortable creating HTML by hand, using text processors such as BBEdit.


Computers: I have been using computers on a regular basis for around ten years, and currently own a PowerMacintosh 6100 16/500 DOS Compatible (contains a 486DX2/66 daughtercard). While most familiar with the Apple Macintosh line of computers, I have basic knowledge of IBM clones, and have had some experience with most operating systems, including the MacOS, DOS (both MS and IBM), UNIX, DEC VAX systems, and CP/M. I have been active on the Internet for approximately five years, first through a guest account at the University of Alaska Anchorage, currently through a local commercial service provider. I am knowledgeable in use of the Internet's main functions both through text-based terminals and through dial-up PPP connections. I also design and maintain my own personal site on the WWW, one page of which was listed in an Internet music-related E-zine.


Kinko's Co-Worker of the Month: May 1995, August 1995, March 1996.