My Famous Awkward Family

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(Apologies to Facebook friends who are seeing this multiple times. I think this should be the last time this pops up in my feed.)

Last year, I stumbled across a new humor site called Awkward Family Photos, which was posting funny old family photos. It gave me a laugh, and I started going through what they’d posted…only to suddenly find one of my own family’s old photos on the site!

Amused by this, I commented, telling them that if they really wanted an awkward photo, they should see this other one we had, which has always been one of my favorites. Not long after that, that photo was posted as well, and we became the first family to voluntary submit a photo to their site.

As the site gained popularity, they decided to release a book, got our permission to use our photos…and today, at long last, I got my copy of the AFP book, which uses both photos we submitted! One is on the back cover, and one is given the place of honor as the first featured photo in the book, opening Chapter One. We’re also given thanks in the Acknowledgements section as the first family to send in a shot.

Awkward Family Photos Cover

Awkward Family Photos Back Cover

Awkward Family Photos Chapter One

This is great! Many thanks to Mike and Doug at AFP, and to my family for sharing my amusement at all of this!

1 thought on “My Famous Awkward Family”

  1. Michael,

    You may not remember me but we went to grade school together – at Scenic Park and also at Wendler…

    I was playing the AFP board game with friends the other night and came across your family’s photo…and it jogged the memory loose. At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and drove everybody I was playing with crazy insisting that I knew the person in the playing card. But a google search immediately confirmed it!

    I hope you are well, and just wanted to let you know I found your picture and got a huge laugh (in a good way) out of it!

    Brian Morrissey

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