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Looking for some help in getting a band started, equipment, or looking for other gigs? Let us know by e-mailing and we'll post your call for help here!

Posted 1.8.98
I might be willing to get rid of a RA-100 Alesis Power Amp for $200 and a Quantum weenie watt amp for a beginner for 40 smacks, could trade sell or buy...
matt (
Well my name is Joey Rhein. I do hip hop music. Im Just really trying my luck. In my opinion i live in dallas texas, and its hard to find people to write music and i have alot of valuable ideas. I can go anywhere in the U.S. I have been looking for somone to write me some music. And I know my style will go so fare. email me at if the world could be mine..i would bring all colors togethor in a ryme..everyday and time.
Posted 12.8.97
Bass player. Graduate of Berklee looking to do more gigs and recordings.Very experienced. Willie 1-888-915-0567.
Hey,my name is Bret Johnson,I'm a musician from Indianapolis that is moving to Anchorage in mid to late may.Bass player with 6 yrs. experience and plenty of gear.Have also played the drums for about 3 yrs. and have a Pearl Export 5 piece kit. Very active in the local underground scene here in Indianapolis,have played with several bands here,opened up for Total Chaos,D.R.I.,Murphy's law and Sloppy Seconds. Very Interested in starting or joining a hardcore punk rawk band.Can play drums or bass,I have no preference.Have several songs already written also. Desperately need to meet some people though,so if you could E-mail me at BEERCORE@AOL.COM and give me the skinny,I would be eternally grateful.
Posted 5.22.97
I've got 2 roommates who were in Bucket of Bolts and Jam with Sasparilla and are in need of a bass player to form a new band. They're into fusion, jazz, blues, rock, and long psychedelic jams.
Contact: Call Jeff or Lance at 243-6978 or e-mail Fred Frontier (
Posted ??.??.97
Bass player likes 60's music, mostly Beatles, have lots of gear including pa. Looking for drummer, keyboard and guitar players, some of whom can sing. Want committment to excellence, but not interested in heavy play schedule at smoky night clubs. Occasional gigs for fun/profit ok.
Contact: Jeff Davis (338-1377)
Name:Doug Herschbach
Instrument:Drums & Backup Vocals
Ad:Looking to join existing or start new band.
Type of music:Rock, Alternative, Top-40
Area:Anchorage or Mat-Su (Live in the Valley, but I commute)
Past Experience:Played 13 years / Two rock bands / Performed stage gigs for Valley Performing Arts & Jan Dar Productions / Have had and given formal lessons.
Looking for:Being in a band that is serious and fun and does play bars, parties, clubs, ect.
Equipment:Good drumset w/double bass, electronic drums, 6-Channel P.A. system w/mic & stand, Some percussion instruments.
Phone #:907.892.8025