Welcome to the @djwudi Twitter archive

I was active on Twitter from October 9, 2007 until November 20, 2022. Technically my account still exists, but when I left, I removed all of my content, locked down the account so I can't pick up any new followers, and set up a year's worth of "I'm no longer active, here's where to find me" posts that appear on the first of each month. Maybe I'll come back if there's an eventual course correction, but at this point, I expect the site to go dark first.

While I wasn't one of the most prolific users out there, I had my share of silly, serious, inane, or thoughtful things to say over the years. This is a page where you can search many of my tweets, get a link to an archived version, and view all the content in nice, threaded form where applicable. This does not include replies to other people in this archive, so this is just "standalone" tweets and threads.

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