Year 50 Day 221

Me, wearing a mask and a button-up shirt that’s black on one side and has Santa peeking out from behind the buttons on the other, in a hotel room with holiday decorations and people behind me eating and chatting.

Day 221: Today was the Norwescon December ConCom meeting, followed by the annual holiday party. Lots of good progress at the meeting (including getting not one, but two new website assistants to work with me), and then a fun time chatting at the holiday party. Even got some fun stories from Norwescon history, some of which are for ears only, and not for publication! Plus, many people were amused by my shirt.

Year 50 Day 219

Me in front of a window looking out onto a rainy courtyard with plants and a pond. A sign on the window says "To whomever placed fish in the pond in the courtyard: DO NOT ADD/PLACE GOLDFISH IN THE POND. There is no one here to take care of them and the building will be going away soon with upcoming construction."

Day 219: It does amuse me a bit that the goldfish in the pond in this campus courtyard just appeared at some point. I’m not sure how long they’ve been there, nor do I know what will happen to them when the building eventually does get demolished, but they’ve survived this long.

Year 50 Day 216

Me holding a can of Libby's pumpkin and a can of Nalley thick chili. Both cans use a yellow-and-brown design with a red-and-white logo.

Day 216: The label design for these two very different things is entirely too similar. One would go very well poured over a baked potato; the other…not so much. And for some reason, we keep putting them next to each other in our pantry (I think my wife does it on purpose; she’s told me that if I open the pumpkin on accident, I have to make pie).

Year 50 Day 215

Me standing in front of several rows of Christmas trees, all covered with white fake snow flocking.

Day 215: Saw this lineup of trees as we were out shopping this morning, and all I could think about was how anyone manages to get one of those home without that white fake snow flocking getting absolutely everywhere. What’s wrong with a nice green tree? Leave the snow outside where it belongs!

Searching for a Postalicious replacement

Hey WordPress plugin people: Does anyone know of a working and supported plugin that does what Postalicious used to?

Ideally, I’d like to return to something I used to be able to do: post a daily “here’s what I found interesting today” roundup post. Way back when, I used to save links; those would get picked up by Postalicious, and once a day, they’d be aggregated into a single post (example from 2009 here).

Is there a similar plugin, or other known way (some sort of IFTTT integration, maybe?) to do such a thing? Conceptually, it seems rather simple, but I don’t know what bookmarking services have open APIs or other ways to hook in, and I don’t have the coding chops to create my own.