Sometime between September 1st and September 3rd, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!

According to the Seattle P-I:

As you’re clearing those wine bottles and beer cans from last night, don’t throw them out with the rest of the trash if you live in Seattle. Starting today, recyclables cannot be placed in garbage containers under a new city ordinance.

Good to know, and I’m all for that. Unfortunately, my apartment building doesn’t offer anything in the way of recycling collection bins — all we have is a big trash dumpster in the parking lot that everything goes into. So what are we supposed to do (barring manually hauling our recycling to a collection center — not only do I have no clue where one might be, that’s a little impractical without transportation other than the bus and my feet).

iTunesAnimal” by Prick from the album Prick (1995, 4:09).