Here’s a gag I’d like to see on Lower Decks: Either through needing to research something that happened on the TOS Enterprise and reviewing ship’s logs, or perhaps (if necessary, though it’s been done to death) through a time travel mishap, we see the TAS Enterprise crew in all their ’70s Filmation glory.

Here’s a few quick mockups I tossed together using screenshots from the first LDS episode.

The TAS bridge crew says hello to…well, a few random background extras, I guess, since this was the only bridge shot with the view screen in LDS S01E01.

TAS vs. LDS 1

Captain Freeman looks up some historical data on Captain Kirk while briefing Ensign Boimler.

TAS vs. LDS 2

Someone reviewing one of Mr. Spock’s science logs, perhaps?

TAS vs. LDS 3

Book twenty-eight of 2020: Ghost Ship by Diane Carey ⭐️⭐️ #startrek #tng 🖖

Painfully obviously early in the TNG novels (it is the first not adapted from an episode). Characterizations are wildly off base (Riker’s distrust of Data is basically overt racism). Just…oof.