Gig's Music Theatre
Anchorage's only all-ages original music venue!
Internationally known, with locals in mind.
140 E. 4th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501

Smoker (c)1995 Keetra Dixon
©1995 Keetra Dixon
PLEASE NOTE: Gig's has been closed for years, since roughly August of 1998. I was the webmaster for the club's website at the time, and have resurrected this archive of the website from March 30, 1998 as a remembrance of what's commonly recognized as one of the best all-ages dance clubs in Anchorage's history. If you have any questions about these pages or the club itself, please contact Michael Hanscom (a.k.a. DJ Woody), or stop by his weblog, Eclecticism.
Gig's Music Theatre, located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, is home to the local all-ages alternative and dance music scene. Opened in May of 1995, Gig's has become one of the mainstays of Anchorage's alternative community, providing a safe, non-alcoholic venue for local and touring musicians to perform, and allowing younger bands and bandmembers to gain valuable performance experience and exposure.
With the addition of local DJ's playing dance music between sets and after the shows, Gig's began to attract more of the local population, and is now the only local establishment providing the best mix of alternative, techno, gothic, progressive house, and industrial dance music each weekend.
Over the past three years, in addition to showcasing local bands and musicians (some of which have gone on to tour and record across the Lower 48), Gig's has hosted a multitude of touring artists, including TchKung!, 7 Year Bitch, Geggy Tah, D.R.I., Candy 500, The Torture King, Sweet 57, Buck O'Nine, Agent Orange, The Posies, and many others. In many cases, shows at Gig's have outsold the same band's performances at local bars!
Each weekend, Gig's hosts between one and three local bands a night, with local DJ's spinning dance tunes before, between, and after the sets. Doors open at 8:00pm, and close whenever we get tired or run out of customers, often not until 3:00am!

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