Announcements of Importance
(And other nifty bits!)

You know, I just do not pay enough attention to this fool page. (grin) Anyway, another Woody is up at Web Wide Woodys, and I've finally started updating my Club Events Schedule again. (shrug) I'll get back on the ball one of these days...
Public Notice: I am considering nuking just about everything presently on my webspace sometime in the near future, to set up a site for local Anchorage bands. Questions, comments, words of wisdom are appreciated...just e-mail me!
5.14.96 1406

Well, I've got a couple more Woodys set up for Web Wide Woodys. This is great...a couple more every week!
4.28.96 1239

Last night (well, actually a week or two ago, but I just investigated it last night) one of the Woodys told me about the Made with Macintosh campaign promoting websights using Macintosh compters in their design, so I joined the campaign and added the logo to the bottom of my main page. Also finally got around this morning to translating my resume into html format, and it's up and running. Nifty keen...
4.18.96 1419

Okay. Back into the swing of things. My apologies to any Woody's who have send me stuff and nothing came of it...I'm finally up to date on every entry for the Web Wide Woodys page. Nothing else changed yet...but I'll get there.
4.18.96 0249

Wow. I finally got all this finished, and it took until now for me to do anything else with it. Gerf. Ah, well. What did I do? Well, I found a nifty little place right about here that lets you set up a free counter for your pages, so I put one up on my main page and one up on my Web Wide Woodys page. Wow...let's see if anyone's actually stopping by. (grin)
4.3.96 0634

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