Style of Music:
Pestistildian Music
Time band has been together:
On and off for about a year.....I think
Home location:
Where ever the hell we want!
Band contact:
Description of band:
I'm not sure how to discribe us..Mike is a freak He and Alex play because its cool (they are sell outs). Eric plays for the pure pleasure of seeing naked chicks, I mean he loves to perform...ya. I (the fat guy) Continue to play because I'm tired of all these people that say "Oh woe is me, I am the world. I'm sooo depressed, I shot up with heroin. My lyrics don't mean shit."(Quoted from issue 17 of The New Lemming). I hate those @sshole mother F$CKER$! They piss me off. And I play cause I'm fat and homeless..Mike is into punk, Alex likes ska, eric and myself like all music except TECHNO, We all HATE techno.

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