Local Anchorage Bands - Gig's and Beyond...

Ever been curious about just who you're going to see on a night out in Anchorage? Gig's Music Theatre is proud to present this listing of every local band we can in Anchorage. We're still working on building this list too...for information on how you can sign your band up fill out this handy little form, or e-mail Woody Hanscom (woody@alaska.net), and we'll get you on the list!

Gig's Band Mini-Biographies
All Of Her TwistAmerikan Value$Apathy
BegorraBehind the Smile[crack.machine]
The Downtown SlickerpickersThe Fred SavagesF.u.b.A.r.
DJ H. GeekInsondaeLiquid Courage
Option OverdriveParallax1Punchbug
The Rude MechanicalsScoobyShort Fuse

Also to be found in Anchorage...
The following is a list of bands not yet linked/bio'd here on the Gig's page, but with current webpages or e-mail addresses available. Want to be included in the listing, but don't need or want your own Gig's bio page? Go ahead and e-mail me (woody@alaska.net) and I'll get you in this listing.
Other Local Bands...
BytetColleen CoadicGlenn Gano
HoJewLady of DarknessLampshades
The LobbyistsMr. ChillyNervis Rex
PikalSportin' WoodiesSuture
UngroupGreg West