DJ H Geek

Style of Music:
Electronic, Techno, Trip-hop, Trance, Dance, Hardcore, etc...
Time band has been together:
Artist in existance - since 1992
Home location:
Anchorage, AK baby!
Band contact:
Description of band:
DJ H. Geek is better known for his underground dance mixes. Mixing at Gig's for nearly 2 years on Friday and Thursday nights, the constant contact with dance music created a major desire to create material similar to what he was playing for the dance masses. After accumulation of gear, 4 albums, and a lot of time spent...H. Geek now heads to the Underground dance scene of the West coast. Thriving on invites from record companies and computer facilities hoping to get a grasp on the music. Only time will tell how far this charade will go! ;)

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