Style of Music:
Kick Ass
Time band has been together:
4 months
Home location:
Fort Richardson, Alaska
Band contact:
Description of band:
Michael Price--A good buddy of mine who lives down the hall from me. He agreed to play bass for Punchbug only if I promised not to try and play Led Zep. Mikey smokes clove cigarettes, is infatuated with 80s rock, and occasionally smiles on stage when he is inebriated. Chris--Chris rocks, wears big fuzzy slippers when he plays, and looks like Barney Rubble. Chris is about as wacky as someone smoking his last name. We've fooled around at the Java Joint a few times, destroyed our hearing in a basement with too much reverb, played a very drunken band competition on Fort Richardson, and recorded three songs at Gigs one morning. We're currently trying to get as famous as the Army will let us. We like to think we're a punk band but then we fuck up and play a wuss song every once in awhile. I try not to write that shit anymore though. Mike loves Ramones et ALL, I like blues, and Chris just beats the shit out of the drums. We just like to have fun--and most of our songs are just that. FUN.

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