Just a couple of quick things. Another couple of cd's, and added a link to the Kinko's website that just went online.

1.27.96 1549

I actually have been doing some occasional work on my pages lately, just haven't done much in the way of recording it here, just because few of them have been very major. The one major thing is that I've worked my 'shameless promotion' page into a changing schedule of things going on at the two clubs I'm dj'ing at, The Lost Abbey and Gig's Music Theatre. Added a ;copy& notification to A Fable For Our Times, after the author got in touch with me and told me it was a copywritten work. He did let me keep it around, though, which I'm very grateful for...it's a piece I really enjoy. I've also gotten submissions for a couple more people for my Web-Wide Woody's page, and will be putting those in later tonight. Quite honestly, working on keeping myself awake for the next few hours. (grin) Ah, well. That's it for now, then.
1.21.96 0639

Created a page to shamelessly promote myself, with the various (okay, two) clubs I'm dj'ing at currently. (grin) Hey, somebody's gotta do it, right?
1.9.96 0314

Just a couple of quick changes at the moment. I've got a few more planned, but they'll have to wait, as I've just been invited out to coffee at VI (Village Inn), and we must have our priorities, mustn't we? (grin) Anyway...changed the 'puter section of my main page to reflect the fact that I now have a whopping 20 Mb RAM in my machine. No, I'm not the least excited about this. (big ol' cheezy grin) Also, as usual, a few more cd's in my collection.
1.8.96 0212

Okay, changed some things around again. At the request of someone who e-mailed me, I have brought my page about the new teen curfew law back online. To do so took a little bit of space, though, so I zapped some of the older documents here...the bit on why Santa can't exist, the Net Cruisers Anonymous flyer, and the flyer I did for Gig's (but never actually put out on the streets) a couple of weeks back. (shrug) Change is the only constant in the universe...that and the beauricratic mentality.
1.3.96 0257

Hey nifty...another person got ahold of me, so there's finally a new link on the Web-Wide Woodys page! About time...(grin)
1.1.96 1502

Happy New Year!
1.1.96 0001

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Didn't get much on my wish list, but then, that was expected...especially when the first item was a $2700 computer. (grin) Hey, I can dream. Did get some good books, hair clippers, a Sex Pistols t-shirt, and some other cool stuff. Let's see. Well, no big surprise here...there are a few more cd's in my collection. Um...not much else at the moment. (shrug) Don't feel like working on anything else. Gerf.
12.29.95 0313

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