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A picture of Woody...First order of business...me.

This would be me. Taken a couple of years ago, but still relatively accurate. Goatee's a little longer (and shaggier) now, as is the hair, otherwise mostly the same. Hair, incidentally, being half red (natural) and half black (unnatural). I got bored and decided to play with hair dye a while ago. Have finally gotten around to starting to grow it out to all red again, but it'll be a while. You're thrilled, I'm sure.

Born May 3, 1973. Spent most of my life up here in Anchorage, Alaska. Seven months a frozen hell, two months slush, and three months of the most beautiful summers I've ever seen. Almost makes the rest of the year worth it. Almost. :)

Particularly privy to the rantings of one trent reznor ( |\| | |/| ), though my collection ranges from techno to cyberdustrial to gregorian chant and Jesus Christ Superstar. Take a peek! My collection tends to get updated frequently, as I'm practically obsessive about getting new music, so if you're inclined, you may want to check for new bits every couple of weeks or so. Or not. Whatever.

Here in Anchorage, there are a couple of bands worth checking out. For techno/gothic stuff you should try the BYTET home page...


More interested by the more seriously written stuff - Isaac Asimov, early David Eddings, Dan Simmons, Tolkein, Ray Bradbury and the like, though I do occasionally enjoy well-written shlock (any Piers Anthony beyond the first three books in any given series). I've recently been rediscovering Anne McCafferey's Pern saga, and various retellings of the Arthurian legends. And yes, it must be said, that I do enjoy Star Trek. Big surprise, I'm sure.


My current setup is a MacOS Macintosh IIvx 20/160 (well, the case says Performa600cd, but I've pretty much turned it into a IIvx), internal Apple 300i CD-ROM, APS105Mb SyQuest, a LineLink 14.4e fax modem (works fine for me), and my most recent toy, a Wacom ArtPadII graphic tablet. Admittedly, my art skills are no great shakes, but I've wanted this toy for a while...so I got it. So there. Bleah. (grin) . Mostly used for Internet babbling, games and the occasional foray into Photoshop when I need to get some flyers out for anything I'm doing. Of course, if anyone out there cares to donate $2500 to me, I'd love to get myself a PowerMac 7500! In the meantime, I bounce around the 'net whenever possible. I'm slowly building up a collection of text files I've saved off the 'net...here's one of my favorite posts off of alt.music.nin.


does a pretty good job of keeping me busy. Been working there almost three years now, most of it on swing shift. Not a bad job, though it constantly amazes me how many people can't figure out that the big green button labled "START" will make the machine make copies. Gerf. Ah, well....

Now for my fun jobs...(grin)! After several abortive attempts a few years ago, I've finally landed not just one, but two jobs dj'ing at altertive clubs in town. Now avaliable! What's going on at the clubs I work at. Friday nights I'm at the Lost Abbey from 9 until 2, and Saturdays I'm at Gig's Music Theatre, dj'ing before, between, and then after the live bands, roughly from 8 until whenever we decide to shut down. Both clubs are all-ages, and as such, have had to restructure their hours, due to the new teen curfew law that just went into effect here in Anchorage. Check it out...some bizarre stuff. Anyway, all in all it's pretty cool. The perfect jobs...they give me a few hours a week to play all the music I love really really LOUD, and they give me money for it! Coolness in the extreme.... I'm always on the lookout for new music, so if any techno/industrial/goth whatever bands out there want to send me demo cd's, I'll gladly take them... :)

Other than that? Sleep, and spend what time I can with my family and friends. Such is life.

I'm starting to work on a page of Woodys on the Web...are you a Woody? Do you know one? Come check out the Web-Wide Woodys page!

In the meantime, here's some stuff that tends to amuse me. I was going to rotate these around weekly, but never seemed to actually get around to any sort of a schedule, so I'll just start putting them up as I get them ready.

So far we have:

Here's something I just dug up again.... In my Senior year of high school, my Art Appreciation class was doing a unit on surrealism, and were told to do an essay based on one of the paintings we were studying. The story I came up with is actually one of my favorite pieces that I've written. It was obvoiusly written a few years back, and there are things I'd change if I were writing it today...but I've decided to just keep it in its original form. It's based on the Salvador Dali painting Sleep.

Also, I've been working on a quotebook since 11th grade or so. Lots of fun quotes contained within.... It gets pretty long, so I've broken it up into Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

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