This week's schedule, up and coming events, and rumor control...

This week at Gig's...

April 3
8pm - 3amBlack Irish
April 4
8pm - 3am
The 1998 All-School Band Search:
Week 6
Christian Heritage High School
with DJ Woody
New! Check out DJ Woody's
Top Requested Songs, and send in your own for next weekend!
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The Future at Gig's...

February 21st
April 11th
CONFIRMEDThe 1998 All-School Band Search!
Fame, fortune, and prizes galore!
For more information and weekly updates and winners lists, click here!
April 3rdCANCELEDTestament just cancelled due to medical reasons - they may try to reschedule for late May/early June, but nothing's sure yet.N/A
April 24thUNCONFIRMEDKRUA presents
Joy Electric and Pony Express
April 25thCONFIRMEDTwo major events - Gig's 3rd birthday celebration, plus...dig out all your black clothing (I know, this will be really difficult for all you goths out there) - it's Brian's 40th birthday!$5
May 29thCONFIRMEDFishbone!$10
TBARUMOREDJimmies Chicken Shack!TBA
TBARUMOREDCherry Poppin' Daddies!TBA
RUMORED: People are talking about possibilities, but not much more. Don't start holding your breath yet.
UNCONFIRMED: Negotiations are in progress, but it's not a done deal yet.
CONFIRMED: It's a go, barring unforseen difficulties.
CANCELED: Unforseen difficulties happened. Bleah.

Rumor Control/News

3.31.98 0435
Another plea for help! I'm looking for an AV adaptor card for a Macintosh 6100 model computer. If anyone knows of one for sale, or is willing to part with one, please contact me at Thanks again....
3.25.98 0341
Quick request - I'm looking for a good royalty-free/copyright-free picture of the Anchorage skyline and/or the Northern Lights for a new website project I'm turning over in my head. If you have a picture you think might work (or if you know of a photographer willing to give me permission to use their picture), please contact me at Thanks!
3.25.98 0337
Just a minor update tonight - added The Fred Savages to the bandlist, a link to a Fishbone site right above in the future shows listing, and added a little counter from LinkExchange Fastcounter. Exciting stuff, eh? (grin)
3.24.98 0515
Made some cosmetic and structure changes in the site tonight. The biggest change was creating a new Site Info page that contains basic generic information about the Gig's website and any awards that the site has won. This should improve load time somewhat significantly upon visiting the page, as you won't have all the award graphics downloading every time you visit anymore.
3.18.98 0509
Okay, lots more pictures in the Scene section of the page, covering the recent Jesus Lizard/Subjugated Youth show, plus a few more random shots!
3.18.98 0309
Quick update here - I changed the way I record my weekly requests in my database, so the request list should be more accurate from now on. I did have to reset everything, but hey...
3.17.98 0517
Well, okay, the time has come (O Walrus...). Work has started on getting all the photos I've recieved over the past couple of weeks up and on the page! Everything's scanned into my machine, so over the next couple of days the various sets should be appearing bit by bit. The first set up tonight comes from Becka Hann...check it out!
Also, more winners in the 1998 All-School Band Search, a couple of layout updates (like this news box) and a new band added to the Gig's Band List.
3.2.98 ?
Sorry if updates/news have been a bit infrequent of late (like the pictures I still haven't got up on the Scene pages), but between a new job schedule, installing a new drive on my computer, and life in general, haven't had as much time to devote as I'd like. I'm going to try to get back in gear this week, though...wish me luck! (grin)

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