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The Long Letter

Hey, nifty!

Woohoo! Turns out that Adriaan, the mad genius behind Kung-Tunes, liked the writeup I did of how I integrated Kung-Tunes

Testing style fun

This is a test of something that will only work if you're looking at the beta version of my site...so

This is so not politically correct

I've been working off and on for a while on converting my entire CD collection to .mp3 format so I

Music, music, music

I found a fun little toy to play with today - a little program called Kung-Tunes that ties into iTunes

Redesign in progress!

Well, I did a bunch of coding tonight, and have v1 of my site redesign up and ready to beta-test.


A community blog detailing explorations and experiments in HTML, CSS, blogging, and whatever other things pop into our heads....

About DJ Wudi

A brief history of my life as a DJ - the clubs I've worked and directions I've taken. Includes links to download .mp3 files of some of my mix sessions.


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Here for your perusal - my sad attempt at excercising my budding skills as a graphic artist. Primarily a collection of flyers I created for Gig's Music Theatre during the years I was working there. Try not to giggle too much, okay?


My current resume. Pretty self-explanitory, isn't it?

Old Website Archives

While I was working on cleaning up my site, I happened upon some archives of my websites that I've kept over the years. It's an interesting exploration of where my web design work has taken me since I started coding in 1995 or so. I thought it might be interesting to put up, so if you're bored enough, here ya go!

My DVD Collection

I'm kind of obsessing over movies at the moment - this is my current list of what I've been spending way too much money on. But hey, it's fun, and there are so many worse things I could be doing with my money - so where's the harm? Additionally, here's a good article on why I collect movies.