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What is this?

A non-exhaustive list of blogs I regularly read and resources I find useful, roughly organized by subject, all curated by hand, no algorithm involved. Inspired by this post by

Initiated April 27, 2024, last updated April 30, 2024.


  • Mousetrapped (RSS): R.K. Milholland’s (Something Positive, Popeye) take on public domain Mickey Mouse.
  • Oglaf! (RSS): Frequently NSFW fantasy adventures.
  • Something Positive (RSS): R.K. Milholland’s long-running webcomic following a group of friends through their lives.
  • webcomic name (RSS): oh no
  • xkcd (RSS): Randall Munroe’s webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Friends, Friendly Acquaintances, and/or People I Feel Like I Know in Some Way

  • Cygnoir (RSS): Posts about writing, books, public libraries, community, games, analog delight, and food.
  • Digital Manticore (RSS): Books, baking, and whatever else seems appropriate.
  • Mellzah (RSS): An artist and horsewoman living in the drop dead gorgeous Pacific Northwest; writes about travel, outsider art, the culture, and her life & creations.
  • Morgan Makes Stuff (RSS): Costuming, stickers, and other maker projects.
  • Royce Bits (RSS): Chasing license plates and security weaknesses in the Last Frontier.
  • Solarbird{y|z|yz}, Collected (RSS): Politics, LGBTQIA+ activism, and occasional nerdy interests (3D printing, Seattle-area biking, etc.).


  • (RSS): Jason Kottke’s long-running blog; mostly interesting links, occasional long-form work and guest authors.


  • Daring Fireball (RSS): Commentary by John Gruber (mostly Apple, occasional baseball and politics). I don’t always think he’s right, but generally find him worth reading and considering even when I disagree.
  • MacRumors (RSS): Apple news.
  • Michael Tsai (RSS): Apple news, commentary, and link aggregation.
  • Six Colors (RSS): Apple news and commentary.

Software I Use and Recommend

  • Affinity: Designer, Photo, and Publisher are high-quality, fairly priced alternatives to Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, respectively.
  • djay Pro: Excellent DJ software; use it on its own or with a large number of hardware controllers.
  • BBEdit: The best macOS plain text editor for over three decades.
  • Doug’s Applescripts (RSS): Lots of AppleScripts for Music (neé iTunes) to help with media metadata management.
  • NetNewsWire (RSS): The best macOS RSS reader for over two decades.
  • MarsEdit (RSS): Blog editor compatible with any MetaWeblog or AtomPub compatible blog (plus Mastodon).


News and Information

People I Don’t Know

Science Fiction and Fantasy


  • AI Weirdness (RSS): Janelle Shane plays with the odd and often hilarious corners of AI systems.
  • Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000 (RSS): Prof. Emily M. Bender and sociologist Dr. Alex Hanna break down the AI hype, separate fact from fiction, and science from bloviation.