Continuing in the quote theme, the IRC Quote Database is a repository for worthwhile (or worthless) snippets taken from online chat sessions. Their top 25 list nearly had me in tears.

<CrazyClimber> top dangling modifier of the day:
<CrazyClimber> “A jet going 100 m.p.h. slammed into a deer, which ruptured a wing fuel tank and dumped 70 gallons of gas on the runway.”
<CrazyClimber> i knew about cows and methane, but…
<me_tew> Dammit, when are they going to REQUIRE that fuel tanks on deer be moved away from the wings.

<doctorb> goth clubs should serve coffee. ice cold coffee. with nails and broken glass. and call then ‘depresso’s’

(via Daypop)