I reach down to pull off the condom.

I don’t find it.

I realize that Irene is sitting up.

Indelicately, I reach between her legs and yank out my condom.

And her head pops off and confetti flies out.

It comes from an absolutely brilliant story posted on the Soapbox at WWDN by Rob Matsushita.

The story itself is spread among multiple posts in a fairly long thread — here’s a quick breakdown of all the episodes, in order:

  1. September 27th, 1992
  2. Sometime earlier
  3. Meanwhile, in the present…
  4. Truth or treat
  5. On the couch
  6. The condom
  7. The tape
  8. The big awful
  9. Payday
  10. Lara
  11. Coffee
  12. Halloween
  13. The list
  14. The sign
  15. Epilogue.