iMac and PC caught in poolside trystIn a surprise development that has rocked the computing world today, paparazzi have made public a photograph of Apple‘s popular iMac computer cavorting poolside with what appears to be a Microsoft Windows-based PC. The photograph in question shows the two models of computer — who have been publicly embroiled in bitter enmity for nearly two decades — lounging beside a swimming pool and playing chess, both of them entirely in the buff. The iMac’s towel is draped coyly over the back of its lounger, while the PC is sitting on its towel.

Spokespersons for the two computers have angrily denied any implications of a hidden relationship between the long-feuding enemies. “Look, it’s amazing what can be done with Photoshop these days,” fumed a Microsoft spokesman, speaking under condition of anonymity. “Now, why don’t you just go bother Britney Spears or something?”