Or rather, if I lived in Oregon and participated in a peace demonstration, I could be branded a terrorist and face life imprisonment if this legislation goes through:

The harshest critics of the war protests in downtown Portland angrily called the demonstrators “terrorists” and wished aloud that the police and courts would treat them as such.

This morning, that idea gets put to the test at the Oregon Legislature, where a ranking senator has introduced a bill to “create the crime of terrorism” and apply it to people who intentionally cause injury while disrupting commerce or traffic.

If convicted, they would face imprisonment for life.

Jimminy frikkin’ Christmas. This kind of crap makes me sick.

Look, if some of the protesters get out of hand and “intentionally cause injury while disrupting commerce or traffic,” then they’re criminals, and deserve to be treated as such. Arrest them, try them, and, if necessary, jail them. But they would be criminals, not ‘terrorists’, and certainly not deserving of life imprisonment!

(via Tom Tomorrow)