I’ve been in complete Matrix mode for most of this weekend — saw the sequel Thursday night, watched the original yesterday with Prairie, and then went back to see the sequel again tonight.

I’ve also been going through the discussion thread on the Home Theater Forum (all 20-some pages of it so far!), and in addition to a lot of very interesting conversation about the film, many good links have been posted. I’ve added quite a few of those to the end of my movie post, so if you’re as caught up in all this as I am, you might enjoy poking around some of them.

Lastly, an amusing post from the forementioned discussion thread…

I’m entirely baffled how anyone can characterize this as the WORST Movie/WORST sequel of all time

Many people

  • don’t see a lot of movies
  • have a short memory or attention span, so they give more weight to recent events
  • have a poor vocabulary
  • have no sense of scale or nuance, as evidenced by the typical “sucks”/”rules” dichotomy
  • can’t hold two seemingly contradictory thoughts in their head at the same time
  • are unable to balance their high expectations in an objective appraisal
  • are idiots
  • are about as useful as a Duracell
  • some of the above
  • all of the above

— Ken Chan