Can’t say I’m dissapointed to read this…

“I informed President Bush last week that after 21 years of doing nothing but government and politics…that I have decided that my time has come to leave the White House. And I will leave later this summer, most likely in July,” Fleischer said.

…I just wish the article wasn’t so frustratingly brief. What prompted this?

(via Atrios)


There are a few more details in this CNN article, including this somewhat bizarre little piece of information:

He notified Bush of his decision Friday. The president ended the conversation “by kissing me on the head,” the spokesman said.

So…was this kiss a benediction of some sort? Does Bush now think he’s the Pope? Or maybe just Godfather Coreleone? (Snarky, non-PC possibility — which head? Could we have a scandal to put Clinton/Lewinsky to shame?) It just seems odd to me, behaviour more fitting of a religious figure than a political appointee. But then, given Bush’s conservative religious leanings, maybe it’s not that much of a surprise.