Been kind of quiet around here lately. No major reasons for that, really, but a few minor ones.

I’ve been wanting to revamp my photoblog for a while now, but it had been one of those “back burner” projects. I finally decided it was time to get started, and — rather than do my coding from scratch, as I normally do — I went out looking for a decent pre-made template to use. Unfortunately, I don’t think that that’s going to work. I started work on setting everything up, but all I’ve succeeded in doing so far is making my photoblog all sorts of screwy. The template I found, while a decent look, is designed for smaller photos than I’ve been posting (so I’d have to resize everything I’ve uploaded so far), uses very different posting conventions (so I’ll have to fix my previously uploaded photos), and — the two most damning issues — will not work for portrait photographs (landscape only), and is a heavily table-based layout (rather than CSS-based). Ick. So, I need to start over with that project.

Another project I’ve got going on is fixing up all my past entries in this weblog to work better with the related entries hack I put in last week. In order for it to calculate which entries are related to a given post, the most important fields are the ‘Excerpt’ and the ‘Keywords’. Well, as I’ve wasn’t using some of MT’s features when I started this weblog, only about half of my posts have excerpts, and I just started using the keywords field. So, I’m working my way backwards through over two years of posts, adding in the missing information. It’ll be good when it’s done, but it’s a long, slow process.

Lastly, when I’ve been taking some time to scan through my newsreader, there just hasn’t been anything much that’s really catching my eye enough to post about. All the political stuff starts to sound the same after a while, the technical weblogs I read have been focusing more on issues that I don’t deal with very much, and the mac world is more or less on hold until WWDC at the end of this month.

So, things are a little slow for the moment. I’m sure they’ll pick back up in a bit — I go through times like this every so often. Just a bit ‘OB’d’ (overblogged), I think. ;)

In the meantime, I’ve started yet another project (because I need another one…), and will be resurrecting my long-dead quotebook by posting a quote a day to the ‘quotes’ category of this weblog. Until any more substantial content shows up, enjoy those!