This is flat-out amazing.

Last Friday, it was announced that tomorow, Monday the 28^th^, there would be a special fundraising dinner in Columbia, South Carolina to benefit the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign. This dinner is a \$2000 per plate fundraiser, expected to raise \$250,000 (from 125 people).

The good folks over at the Dean campaign decided to turn this into a challenge, and “brought back the bat“. Their goal was to see if in three days — this weekend, from Saturday through Monday at midnight — they could match that \$250,000 goal through their grassroots fundraising efforts.

Today, just before 11pm eastern time, with a full 24 hours left before the Monday midnight deadline, they hit the \$250,000 mark.

As of 11 pm EDT, 4,629 Americans have contributed \$250,733.20 to the Dean Team vs. Bush-Cheney Challenge.

We know that many of you have waited to contribute until tomorrow, the day of Cheney’s fundraiser.

You’ll notice the second bat doesn’t have a goal. It will be up to you and thousands of other Americans to fill that bat up to whatever amount you can by midnight, tomorrow. We’ve matched the Bush-Cheney fundraising machine. Tomorrow, let’s see by how much we can surpass them.

And wait til you see what we plan on doing with the additional money you help raise tomorrow. It’s top secret, but we can tell you this — it will surprise everyone.

We’ll be giving you half hour updates all day tomorrow, beginning at 8 am.

This is what it’s all about. Not \$2000 a head dinners so the fat cats can buy their “special interests” by keeping the status quo, but by people all across the country giving what they can, because they believe in a candidate, and because they want to make a change for the better.