I’m experimenting with something that I found via Snowman on the TPUGsponsored weblog entries. Three posts on my site now have small, fairly unobtrusive text ads at the bottom of the post, for which I get some small amount of compensation.

I debated a bit back and forth on this when I first read about it, but finally figured it was at least worth a shot. At least these are paid for up front and are given with my permission, rather than just some random piece of comment spam showing up more or less at random.

And I’m certainly not above trying to make the occasional buck or two on all of this (oh, by the way, have you visited any of my three CafePress shops lately? …[ahem]…)! ;)

Now, if only Google would let me into their AdSense program…

iTunes: “No Sense At All” by Khan, Praga from the album Pragamatic (1998, 7:09).