I’ve been quite amused recently at a couple of older posts that have apparently taken on something of a life of their own over the past few months.

Last August, I put up a post which was little more than a pointer to an article elsewhere on the ‘net that I thought was interesting. The post itself, titled “Why I hate George W. Bush” after the article I was linking to, sat more or less unnoticed until January, when all of a sudden it started gathering comments. Since then, it’s turned into a running political debate that doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Some of the comments I’ve agreed with more than others, but it’s certainly been interesting to watch the debate bounce back and forth.

Also last August, I ran across an interesting article talking about schools installing security cameras in classrooms, and put up a post titled simply “Cameras in classrooms“. Apparently, sometime within the past two weeks, one of the classes at Tequesta Trace Middle School in Florida has been assigned a report on this subject, and my post has suddenly become something of a graffiti-ridden ‘tag board’ for students who come across my page while doing research for their project. It’s been mildly entertaining to see the rather incoherent comments pop up on a daily basis.

Weird, the things that suddenly gain a life of their own.