Codepoet, while discussing ways to quickly edit and preview HTML and CSS code, pointed out a program called HyperEdit, which contains a “live preview” pane to show the rendered code as you type it out. It sounded interesting, so I went to check it out…and cringed.

One of the first things on the page is this screenshot:

HyperEdit screenshot

First — the <center> tag, which is deprecated in current HTML.

Next — the <font> tag — also deprecated.

Next — the use of <i>Fast.</i> rather than the more semantically correct <em>Fast.</em>.

Last — the two closing tags that are both missing their final > character.

Sorry, guys, but if I’m seeing four cringeworthy examples of bad HTML code within the first couple seconds of visiting your page, you could have a program that makes BBEdit look like Microsoft FrontPage and I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously.

But maybe that’s just me.

iTunes: “Tourniquet (Prosthetic Dance)” by Marilyn Manson from the album Remix and Repent (1997, 4:10).