Disney vs. Pixar

This entry was published at least two years ago (originally posted on May 28, 2004). Since that time the information may have become outdated or my beliefs may have changed (in general, assume a more open and liberal current viewpoint). A fuller disclaimer is available.

The continuing animosity between Disney and Pixar amuses me to no end — it’s amazing how snarky the comments have been getting. For instance, this one, from a post about the possibility of Disney making sequels to the Pixar films that they have the rights to on MacMinute:

“The unproven writing and graphics quality of Disney’s work with computer-guided-image animation may have an unintentional ‘contagion’ impact since consumers may subconsciously associate these films as Pixar product,” Reif Cohen said in a report Thursday. “In addition, too many releases may fatigue CGI’s scarcity value, which has created consumer intrigue for this ‘event’ animation format.” Her comments mirror those made by Pixar (and Apple) CEO Steve Jobs. “We feel sick about Disney doing sequels because if you look at the quality of their sequels… it’s been pretty embarrassing,” Jobs said during Pixar’s fourth-quarter earnings call in February.

He’s certainly not wrong, though.

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