Meme fun

This entry was published at least two years ago (originally posted on July 8, 2004). Since that time the information may have become outdated or my beliefs may have changed (in general, assume a more open and liberal current viewpoint). A fuller disclaimer is available.

This was originally a LiveJournal meme, but it was so goofy and intricate that I had to join in the fun. So. Bear with me.

  1. Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the corresponding number (A=1, B=2, etc…). If your name contains numbers, you’ll need to convert them to letters first before you can convert to numbers.
    • Michael Hanscom = 13 9 3 8 1 5 12 8 1 14 19 3 15 13 (Since I’m doing this here, rather than on LiveJournal, I’ll use the name I post under on this weblog — which, conveniently enough, just happens to be my real name.)
  2. Add all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number.
    • 124
  3. Make a note of the first digit of this number, then add the digits of the number together.
    • First digit is 1.
    • 1 + 2 + 4 = 7.
  4. Find the post of this number in your LJ. If you don’t have that many posts, add the digits together again. Keep doing so until the number is smaller than your pathetic number of posts.
  5. Take the digit you noted in step 3, and count that many words into the post.
    • Just
  6. Use the resulting word in a Google Image Search, and select a picture from the first page. Post the results for us all to see.

'Just Try It' from Anger Dog StudiosA quick note regarding this image: while it was by far the best of the images that Google found for me, it was found on this journal page (no permalink, entry “Wow wow wow!!!” from Jan. 25, 2004), where it had been re-posted from Anger Dog Studios. I debated re-re-posting it here, but liked the image enough that I decided to go ahead and toss it up with credit to the original artist, who I’ll also be e-mailing and asking formal permission to leave the piece up. There’s a lot more excellent artwork at Anger Dog Studios, too, so feel free to wander that way and peruse what’s available in their galleries.