The Incredibles

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The Incredibles

Took Prairie out to see The Incredibles today — my second time, her first. As I said before, Pixar can do no wrong, and the movie was just as good the second time. Possibly better, as I caught a couple lines and gags that I’d missed the first time through.

Some mild spoilers follow, so they’re going behind the cut…

I really think that my favorite sequences in the film are all in the battle on the island. Not only is it an incredibly well-done action sequence, but the real joy in it is seeing Dash and Violet realize just what they can do with their powers, from the “hamster ball” of Violet’s forcefield to Dash’s sudden giggle of exhilaration when he discovers that he’s fast enough to actually run across water.

Prairie got a big kick out of the entire movie, but I think one of the biggest laughs I heard from her stems from her background in education, when Bob and Ellen are fighting and Bob rants a bit about the “graduation” from 4th to 5th grade — “They keep finding more ways to celebrate mediocrity!” Sadly, very true.

All in all, far and away one of the best flicks I’ve seen this year.

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