Resurrecting the Evil Dead

This entry was published at least two years ago (originally posted on November 18, 2004). Since that time the information may have become outdated or my beliefs may have changed (in general, assume a more open and liberal current viewpoint). A fuller disclaimer is available.

The good news: the previously rumored ‘Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash‘ is probably dead.

The bad news: that’s because Raimi is remaking The Evil Dead (bad enough) and will be letting someone else direct it (worse).

Why can’t anyone just leave the good stuff alone and create more new good stuff, instead of constantly re-hashing old good stuff into new bad stuff? If they’re determined to avoid having to actually think hard enough to come up with something new, couldn’t they at least pick old movies that had promise but were actually bad (or, at least, could be measurably improved) to remake into something good?

Besides, Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn is essentially a remake of The Evil Dead already. What’s the point anymore?

Oh, and this idea from the /. thread made me laugh: maybe they’ll name it Evil Dead 4: Army of Darkness 2!

(Yes, I realize that given my [cautious] optimism over the upcoming Tim Burton version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this may seem like a somewhat hypocritical whine. Live with it. My site, my rules.)

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