I’m not much of a sports fan — the only sport I’ve ever really gotten into is soccer, thanks to my brother’s many years of goalkeeping — but even I am likely to sit up and take notice when reports start hitting the ‘net of pro basketball players jumping into the stands and beating the fans (RealMedia stream here).

Just insane. Bad enough that they got into a brawl on the court — it’s never a good thing, but it happens occasionally — but then to jump into the stands and attack people in the crowd? “He’s absolutely out of his mind!” says one of the commentators, soon followed by, “This is the ugliest scene you’ll ever see.” Sounds about right to me.

Of course, then the commentators just get kind of stupid as they scramble to find something to say, when one of them comes up with, “This is not a pretty sight, but it happens, a very emotional game,” as the players are bodily hauled off the court under a hail of beer cups, food, and at least one chair. Emotional game or not, something this big doesn’t “happen.”

According to ABC, four players have been suspended indefinitely, with more precise suspension lengths to be announced later.

On the upside, maybe we’ll get an update to the old one-liner, “I went to a fight and a hockey basketball game broke out.”