Ooops — and I thought I was late last week, when the mix showed up in the afternoon instead of the morning. This time, I’m two days late! Sorry about that…. In any case, here’s the next of my mixes to go up. We’re moving back into longer sessions again, with this one coming in at just under an hour. Of all the mixes I’ve had sitting around, this is one of my top three favorites, with my third favorite being last week’s ‘ToriMix’, and my top favorite coming next week.

Incidentally, DJ H. Geek (aka Kory Roth), the artist behind the second track in this mix, is a friend of mine from back in Anchorage who I used to DJ with at Gig’s. Good guy, and apparently living down in Portland now. RelveleR, who contribute the sixth track, is also part of Kory’s Collective Conscience team. More tracks from Kory can be found at his site.

Standard disclaimer: All the mixes I’m posting were mixed ‘live’ — running a Pioneer dual CD mixer directly into my computer and recording straight to .mp3 — and have had no post-mix editing done in the computer. As such, they’re not flawless, but they’re not bad, either, if I do say so myself.

Here’s the link: Where Time Becomes A Loop (58m 41s, 80.61Mb). Tracks included are:

  1. Orbital ‘Time Becomes’

  2. DJ Geek ‘Travelling (Long)’

  3. Erasure ‘Run to the Sun (Amber Solaire)’

  4. BT ‘Remember (Paul Van Dyk’s Recollected)’

  5. Blue Amazon ‘The Javelin’

  6. ReleveleR ‘Sourpuss (UBE)’

  7. Sarah MacLachlan ‘I Love You (BT)’

  8. ATB ‘Don’t Stop (SQ-1)’

  9. Aqua ‘Dr. Jones (Antiloop Club)’

  10. Orbital ‘Time Becomes’