Sometime between 10:12 and 14:47, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!

  • Sarah Palin’s Dead Lake: "Sarah's legacy as mayor was big-box stores and runaway growth," said Patty Stoll, a retired Wasilla schoolteacher who once worked in the same school with Palin's parents, Chuck and Sally Heath. "The truth is, Wasilla is just plain ugly, it's not a pleasant place to live. It's not thought out. And that's a shame. Sarah fouled her own nest, and I can't understand why. I hate to think it was simply greed or ambition." (The most common nickname for Wasilla when I was growing up in Alaska was "Wasyphilis", and that was before Palin got her hands on it.) (via Halsted)
  • The Wheels Come Off Sarah Palin’s Not So Straight Talk Express: From calls from the National Review for her to drop out of the race (!) to the New York Times saying that she owes voters an explanation on the rape kits issue to news that she accepted $25,000 in gifts from lobbyists as governor to stories about anti-Semitic leanings by her pastor, it's just not turning into a good end of the week for Palin either.
  • The Palin interview: The Economist: "…she rambled, she edited her own sentences recursively, she looked away from time to time, and her answers did not make sense—and I don't mean political sense; I mean they made no grammatical or logical sense." Sounds a lot like what I posted a day or two ago. (via gruber)
  • Still think your single vote doesn’t matter? Think again.: Statistical analysis shows that in 2004, 57,787 votes would have given us President Kerry; and in 2000, 269 votes would have given us President Gore. In all there have been 12 US Presidential elections that were decided by less than a 1% margin; meaning if less than 1% of the voters in certain states had changed their mind to the other candidate the outcome of the election would have been different. (via Slashdot)
  • Cisco home page FAIL: Cisco’s home page this morning: looks like they ran out of their allocation of lowercase letter ‘t’.