Who’s Defining ‘X-Rated’ Here?

This entry was published at least two years ago (originally posted on April 14, 2009). Since that time the information may have become outdated or my beliefs may have changed (in general, assume a more open and liberal current viewpoint). A fuller disclaimer is available.

A report I saw from the AP this morning, presented nearly in full because it’s so short…

Lil’ Kim nearly had a big wardrobe malfunction on “Dancing With the Stars.”

This week’s front-runner on the ABC dance competition had some trouble with her top at the end of a jive with partner Derek Hough on Monday night. Host Tom Bergeron provided cover while the rapper adjusted as she and Hough approached the judges table.

Lil’ Kim told KABC-TV after the show: “I don’t know why this happens a lot of the time, but … the girls were tryin’ to come out.”

The nearly X-rated moment was edited out by the time the show was rebroadcast on the West Coast….

“Nearly X-rated?” For an almost wardrobe malfunction? Sorry, AP, but there’s more than a little bit of hyperbole there. Almost having a bit of accidental boobage is PG, maybe PG-13 if her top actually had fallen off (and even that used to be a good solid PG). “Nearly X-rated” would be something very, very different. Quit sensationalizing and just report.