Dad’s on Flickr

After having some recurring problems with the Gallery software that we’d been using for the Hanscom Family Gallery, I decided to throw in the towel and talked dad into putting his Flickr account to use.

I’m so glad I did.

He’s been going through and scanning in a lot of old pictures that he and mom brought back from Florida after her parents died last year, and putting them up. Such great stuff in here!

Harold and Arline Ward
Mom’s parents, my grandparents, Harold and Arline Ward.

Harold teaching swimming
My grandpa teaching swimming — probably at the YMCA, if I’m remembering correctly.

Halloween Berta 5th Grade
Mom in about 5th grade, dressed up as a clown for Halloween.

iTunesLa Vie Boheme B” by Original Broadway Cast from the album Rent (1996, 1:53).

Portfolio 1: The Berger Partnership

Every so often, someone contacts me after finding one of my photos and asks permission to use it for one project or another. A few of these haven’t gone anywhere, but here’s one that did: landscape designers The Berger Partnership are using this photo on their website detailing their work on renovating Cal Anderson Park.

Cal Anderson Park

iTunesIkons” by K.M.F.D.M. from the album XTORT (1996, 4:11).

Before I was around

Last time I went up to visit my folks in Anchorage, I snagged some old family photos. I’m (finally) starting to get some of them scanned in.

First up: four photos of my Aunt Kay. I never met Kay, as she died long before I was born. However, I’ve been told on a few occasions that she and I are very much alike. While I’m sure I’d seen pictures of her before, I didn’t remember any of them before I found these while digging through the stacks of pictures at mom and dad’s house.

From left to right: Kay sometime in 1960; Kay in a kilt sometime in 1961 (possibly at the University of Iowa, according to the handwritten note on the back of the photo); Kay and her date for Senior Prom sometime in 1961; Mom and Kay dressed up for Kay’s High School graduation in 1961.

Kay Ward Kay Ward Kay Ward, Senior Prom Berta and Kay Ward, Kay's High School Graduation

Lastly, Mom pinning Dad’s wings on after his promotion to 2nd Lieutenant in 1968.

Dad's 2nd Lieutenant Promotion

Northgate Theatre and Medical Office Building

Word came out this week that Seattle’s Northgate Mall was finally going to be getting an upgrade, part of which is going to involve demolishing the Medical Office Building and the Northgate Theatre that have long stood empty and unused.

Northgate Medical Office Building and Theatre, Seattle, WA

Since I had some time to kill yesterday, I wandered down to the Northgate Mall and spent some time wandering around the old buildings. I was able to shoot my way around about three quarters of the soon-to-be-demolished buildings before mall security took noticed and asked me to stop. To their credit, the guy that spoke to me was very polite, just letting me know that the mall didn’t allow photography on mall property, and told me that I’d be welcome to take photographs from the street if I wished.

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