Northgate Theatre and Medical Office Building

Word came out this week that Seattle’s Northgate Mall was finally going to be getting an upgrade, part of which is going to involve demolishing the Medical Office Building and the Northgate Theatre that have long stood empty and unused.

Northgate Medical Office Building and Theatre, Seattle, WA

Since I had some time to kill yesterday, I wandered down to the Northgate Mall and spent some time wandering around the old buildings. I was able to shoot my way around about three quarters of the soon-to-be-demolished buildings before mall security took noticed and asked me to stop. To their credit, the guy that spoke to me was very polite, just letting me know that the mall didn’t allow photography on mall property, and told me that I’d be welcome to take photographs from the street if I wished.

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For the past few months, there’s been two different events on my radar for the Labor Day weekend that I was interested in: Bumbershoot and CascadiaCon. Some time ago, I’d decided to forego CascadiaCon in favor of Bumbershoot, but then over the past week I got a bit ticked at the Bumbershoot people over their “no cameras” foolishness, and ended up deciding that I didn’t want to head that way, either. So this weekend was looking to be pretty low-key.

Thursday evening Prairie and I went out for dinner with some friends from the Vogue (something that’s becoming a weekly event), and found out that Erin had been asked to showcase some of her clothing in a fashion show at CascadiaCon. Over the course of the conversation, I ended up getting asked to photograph the show, and Prairie was asked to be one of Erin’s models!

So, Saturday evening, Prairie and I headed down to the SeaTac Hilton, picked up CascadiaCon attendee badges at the registration desk, and found our way up to the designated “green room”. Prairie was soon buried in hair, makeup, and clothing, so I wandered back and forth between the green room and the conference room where the show was going to be.

The show itself was much fun — three designers showcasing four clothing lines (Imp of Satan, Fetishwear, Winter Couture, and Notorious Curves) in a late-night, 18+ only Fetish for Fantasy Fashion Show, hosted by Betty Rage of Glitzkrieg Burlesque and Cherry Baum (aka Mickey, who I know from the Vogue).

There are, of course, lots of pictures in a Flickr photoset. While my photos aren’t nearly “professional” quality (after all, there’s only so far you can push a little point-and-shoot, no matter how many dials and buttons they stick on it), I did the best I could. Here’s a few sample shots…

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The New Apartment

Finally — pictures of the new apartment!

Each of the following shots has notes added if you click through to the Flickr page, pointing out some of the bits and pieces you see in the rooms.

And now…tour time!

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Happy Anniversary!

What with still being neck-deep in moving I’m a day late on this, but — yesterday was my parents’ 38th anniversary.

John and Berta

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!


The weekend from hell!

Well, not really, the next few days should be pretty good overall. They’re just going to be really busy, and probably not entirely unstressful. As such, I’m likely not going to be reachable or even online until…um…Wednesday, at the earliest. I think. No guarantees.

  • Today: After work, Prairie and I drive down to Vancouver (yes, down…the Washington Vancouver, not the Canada Vancouver) to visit her mom.
  • Tomorrow: Drive from Vancouver to Corvallis, OR for a family get together. My parents are flying down for their 37th anniversary weekend, and we’re all meeting up with my brother, his wife, and their kiddo (my nephew!) at their place for the weekend.

  • Monday-Friday: I’m on vacation for a week! No work! Yay! Not going to be resting for all of it, though…

    • Monday: Drive from Corvallis, OR back up to Seattle. Prairie’s got a class to teach that evening at one of her new jobs, then after the class, we drive out to Ellensburg to her apartment and meet up with her dad there.
  • Tuesday: Rent a U-Haul, and put everything Prairie owns into the U-Haul and her dad’s truck. Drive from Ellensburg to Seattle and put all of her stuff into the new apartment. Drive over to my apartment and grab the big stuff (bookcase, desk, dresser, futon, electronics, boxes) while her dad’s here to help and take all that over to the new apartment.

  • Wednesday: SLEEP IN! Sometime that afternoon the installer from Speakeasy will be by to hook up the DSL line in the new apartment.

  • Thursday-Sunday: Rest and relax in between trips back and forth between my old apartment and the new apartment to get all the rest of my stuff and do a cleaning sweep.

And then it’s back to the usual routine.

So…really busy, lots to do, and I’ll be electronicaly nonexistant. Analog only…meatspace all the way.


In honor of the weekend’s family get together, though, I took a couple minutes to scan in some of the old family photos I absconded with last time I was up in Alaska. Some of these have been posted before, some haven’t, so sorry if I’m boring anyone with repeats…but if you’ve never seen ’em before, enjoy!

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Bridal Parties are Fun!

At least, as long as your definition of “fun” includes 20-some 20-something sorority girls drinking far too much alcohol, being incredibly loud (which is saying something in a dance club), having no concept that there’s anyone else on the dance floor, nearly starting a fight near the bar, and eventually having one of them carried out of the bathroom by two big beefy guys because there was no way she’d be able to walk.

So…yeah. Interesting night. Certainly amusing to watch all this from the sidelines.

Still, good times were had. A little flirting, a few new people met (Hope, Jennifer, Elizabeth and Felix), chatting outside in the cool air with Melissa, Suzanne, Brooke, Mickey, Ogre, and Ron, and some bouncing around on the dance floor (though that was somewhat hampered by both sorority girls and the Vogue‘s famous lack of ventilation…but I hear that Mony has a new fan ready to install, so hopefully that’ll get a bit more air flow going through in the near future). All in all, not a bad night.

Also (and totally unrelated to any of the above), after Prairie declared that one of my pictures of the Teatro ZinZanni acrobat to be quite “yum”-worthy, I tweaked it a touch to turn it into a suitable desktop image.

Teatro Zinzanni Desktop

There’s a 1280×1024 version ready to be used as a desktop image (or “wallpaper” for you Windows users) available to download here, should you wish.


iTunesPigs on the Wing 1” by Pink Floyd from the album Animals Trance Remixes (1995, 5:48).

Teatro Zinzanni at Pacific Place

Teatro Zinzanni's Sam Alvarez, Pacific Place, Seattle, WAIf you get a chance, stop by Pacific Place just at touch before 5pm any Thursday through Sunday in August. One of the performers from Teatro ZinZanni is putting on a short show throughout the month to promote their dinner/circus/cabaret show.

I’ve been wanting to go to one of their shows for quite a while now, and seeing this guy go twirling and spinning sixty feet above the floor — without any sort of safety harness, just the red fabric strip — just made me want to go more. It’s a pricey show at $99 a ticket, but for a full five-course gourmet meal and a three-hour show, I’d say it’d be worth it.

One of these days…

A long, long time ago…

…no far away galaxy, though. Last night I got an e-mail from Kathleen, who’d stumbled across my Gigs photoset while looking for an old friend of hers. She was kind enough to send me an old photo from Gigs and said I could go ahead and post it along with the rest of my pictures from the club.

The picture was a fairly low-quality scan (a 216k 318×226 .bmp), but I’ve done what little I could to clean it up in Photoshop, enlarging it 200%, tweaking the levels, and running an unsharp mask filter on it. It’s still not pristine, but I’m still thrilled to have this drop in my lap.

Update: Kathleen was able to find the original photo and re-scan it at a higher resolution, so it’s much easier to see now. Turns out I was at a point where I was going through an ill-conceived attempt to actually grow out my beard….

Gigs Music Theatre, Anchorage, AK

I’m guessing this was taken sometime in 1997 or so. That’s Ray (DJ Happyjack) sitting in front. From left to right on the couch, we’ve got Lydia, Kathleen, me, Kate, and Rebecca (who was going by Apple at the time). Casey‘s lying across the back of the couch. I’ve got no clue who the guy on the far right is.

Thanks again, Kathleen!

iTunesIf I (Alien Trauma Edition)” by Lizette & from the album & So… (2001, 6:41).

Bite of Seattle 2005

End of the Rainbow, International Fountain, Seattle Center, Bite of Seattle, Seattle, WA

A small photoset of shots from wandering around Saturday at the Bite of Seattle. Not my usual onslaught of pics this time…I just wasn’t as into it on Saturday as I am sometimes. Still managed a few decent shots, though.