My friend Aliena pointed me to Emode, a fun little site that has a ton of different personality-style tests on it. I took the “Are you a sex god?” test, and thought my results were hilarious — here’s how it rated me:

DIONYSUS, God of Ecstacy.

You are one sex-loving deity! And you sure know how to turn any bedroom into an unforgettable party for two. You are sensual and fun-loving, and you will do just about anything to get some play. You have an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure. You have a young, playful spirit that makes the bedroom your personal playground. Because you are housing a god within you who used orgies as a method of worship, you have no limits to your exploration. Your experimentation and lack of inhibition make your sex life all the more interesting. Your open-mindedness and irrepressible energy allow your sexual energy to keep going and going and going. And when the day is through, you’ve left a trail of satisfied mortals in your wake.

Hmmm…not bad, eh? Woohoo!