So Friday evening I got a call from Holly seeing if I was up to heading out for another party with her group of friends. Not very hard to answer — I’m still (unfortunately) unemployed, so have no set schedule, and I had a lot of fun at the her birthday party…so it was a go, as far as I was concerned.

Saturday day I spent just hanging out at home. As I don’t have my computers set up over there yet, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and working on a jigsaw puzzle, so those took up the majority of the day. That afternoon Holly called, and I walked a block down to Toys in Babeland where Holly, Ken, and Courtney were doing some shopping. I have to admit, I had no idea there were so many varieties of vibrator available…!

Once done there, we headed up to (the other) Ken’s apartment, where we met up with (the other) Ken, Ryan, and another guy who’s name I’ve completely spaced on. After a bit of time there (where I introduced them to Divine Interventions, home of the “Baby-Jesus Buttplug”), we divided into seperate cars — Holly and Ryan in one car, Ken and Courtney and I in another, while (the other) Ken and his friend waited to head out later, and went out to Tali’s house for the party.

TalitribeI had a lot of fun during the ensuing party. Saw a lot of the people I met at Holly’s birthday party again, and met a few more members of the Talitribe (that being the name of this family of friends, with Tali being the ‘mother’ of everyone). Just a very relaxing evening of having fun, talking and joking around a lot, soaking in the hot tub — something I don’t get to do very often — and generally enjoying myself. This seems to be a really good group of people — the general atmosphere during these parties really reminds me a lot of the parties I used to have at the Pit a few years back, when that group was still going strong. I’ve missed those days, and it’s nice to have found something similar down here.

The party lasted long into the night and next day, as is common for these things, and I ended up grabbing a few hours sleep in Tali’s room next to Renda, Griffin, and (at times) Ken, (the other) Ken, Tali, Amber — and there may have been some others floating in and out, too. Much of Sunday was spent kicking back and waking up, as various people reappeared from wherever they’d passed out for the night. I ended up at one point watching the Adam Sandler comedy Billy Madison — and I have to admit, I think I was better off standing by my previous desire never to see any Adam Sandler flick other than The Wedding Singer, as I find him to be one of the least funny ‘comedians’ out there.

Eventually everyone was up and mobile, and we headed out for dinner (as it was now almost 6pm) at Charlie’s, a restaurant on Broadway. After a good meal and more general hilarity and whatnot, I wandered my way back to the Shoebox, as Charlie’s is just 10 blocks or so away. A few minutes of attempting to work on the puzzle was enough to convince me that I was absolutely beat, so I just spread out my ‘bed’ (blankets and pillows on the floor for the moment), and crashed out.

Today’s been pretty standard so far — got up and came over here to Casey’s to check in on things here. Tonight I’ll be meeting up with Ryan at a bar called The Baltic Room to catch some of the downtempo beats being spun. Hopefully that should turn out to be pretty good…and hey, it’s exploring someplace new, which I generally enjoy. We’ll see this evening.