I’ll know more about this later tonight and tomorrow, at which times I’ll put what I know up…but I wanted to at least mention this, since it’s been bouncing around in my head since yesterday.

A little around 1pm or so yesterday I got a knock on my door from Melvin, the landlord for my apartment building. A couple weeks ago he’d let me know that he was being replaced by whatever company oversees the building, and was looking for a position at another building. I thought that was kind of a shame, as he’s a good guy, and one of the better landlords I’ve had. Well, yesterday he came by to let me know that it looks like he’s found one…and it looks like this could have some interesting side benefits for me, also.

Apparently the building he got the position at is just a few blocks away from the building we’re at currently, and a much newer/nicer building. A studio apartment there, while the same monthly price as mine ($650/mo), would be larger, in a nicer building, and apparently with a fuller kitchen area. He forwarded the idea of me switching buildings with him, and acting as some sort of assistant manager to the building in my off hours from my normal job. I’m not sure what all the duties might entail (that should get a little more ironed out over the next couple days), but it could have some definite benefits to it. I figure at the minimum it could get me some new and different experience on my resume, and there’s at least a possibility that it could get me some price breaks on the apartment.

I’m heading over to Melvin’s tonight after I get off work to help him out with his iBook, then tomorrow we’ll be heading down to his new building after he gets the keys, and will probably be discussing things in a bit more detail then. If I can come up with the money to make the move, I think it could be a good deal — a larger, newer place for the same price, more varied experience on my resume, and being able to stay with a landlord that I know I’m on good terms with. Could be very good…I’ll put more details up when I know more, either later tonight or tomorrow sometime.