This next bit came out of a chat session today…I thought I’d save it. Wasn’t bad, for right off the top of my head.

Me: lol hey…I’m a geek…but I found a personality somewhere along the line, and can generally bury my geek-ness enough to cope with society fairly well…lol

dorkgoddess_ack: LMAO
dorkgoddess_ack: I thought the geek part was normaly devoliped as a coping device to deal with society

Me: yeah, I’d agree with that…but it generally happens with people who have weak personalities — which leads to both the societal problems, and the adoption of the geek persona — which is where i used to be…then I realized that I not only could, but did have my own, fairly strong personality, and managed to reconcile the geek with the non-geek
Me: wow…and that was one hell of a paragraph…lol

dorkgoddess_ack: lol
dorkgoddess_ack: do you realize you just sumed up your teen years and mid 20’s all in one paragraph

Me: lmao
Me: damn…I did, didn’t I?
Me: I should save that

dorkgoddess_ack: lol yes you should

So I did. :)