Constitution? Rights? What are you talking about? Those don’t exist in the USA anymore — we think you’re a bad guy (or have the potential to be a bad guy, or maybe you just look like a bad guy), therefore, we’re going to do whatever we want. We can detain you at will, only admit it to the public when it serves our best interest (by distracting from political issues we don’t like with the scare of a “dirty bomb”), with no due process, even though you’re a US citizen.

How long before this starts happening to people for reasons that aren’t linked in some way to this nebulous “War on Terror” that seems to be doing an amazingly effective job of brainwashing the American public? After all, for the most part, we seem to be accepting this instance easily enough — after all, he might be a terrorist! But what about the next person? Or the next? We did it to this guy, so now we can do it to others.

Grumble grumble grumble…. I’m a little too steamed (and tired) to go any further with this and stay coherent — but the direction things are going really does scare me.