I’ve been absolutely sweltering for the past two days — and loving every last minute of it! Where a week ago Seattle was setting record low temperatures, this week things have done a complete 180, and from what I hear we’re pushing record highs for this time of year. I just checked the local listing on Weather.com, and as of 10:20pm, it’s coming up as 80 degrees! One of the people I work with told me that the forecast for today in the Seattle area was in the high 90’s…yikes!

Whatever it ended up being, it sure felt good! I took off from the apartment a bit early to run some errands, and got to spend a couple hours basking in the heat wave. Not bad…not bad at all. If this keeps up, I just might lose that fish-belly white grade-A Alaska tan!

(Quick update — according to the 6/14 Seattle P-I, Seattle set a record high of 94 degrees yesterday.)