My friend Laura just told me that apparently, I was on TV tonight! It seems that Fox 4‘s nightly news was doing a story on teen dance clubs, and used some old footage from Gig’s. We’re guessing it was from the closing night’s TchKung! show, as apparently I had mud smeared across my face — something TchKung! is known for.

Unfortunately, as she didn’t know the story was going to be on, she didn’t get it recorded. I’m thinking about trying to contact Fox 4 to see if I can get a copy of the report, but their website currently has a note saying that “We will unveil a site that will dazzle and amaze in late spring 2001” — somehow, I think they missed that particular deadline. By any chance, would anyone who stops by here have an idea on how to get ahold of the footage? Lemme know!