Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitlied
Keep Madonna From Doing Music
Kylie Minogue Fans Don’t Masturbate
Kill MotherFucking Depeche Mode
Klingons March Forth During Missions
Kill Me For Drug Money
Keine Macht Für Dich Mehr

9 thoughts on “KMFDM

  1. Whats with the KMFDM? Other than the pic on the right looks a bit like En Esch :)

    Just curious … hell its been a long time since I thought about them, too long as a matter of fact

    :::Digging out old KMDFM Vinyl burried behind Sisters of Mercy EPs:::

    Although I know its wrong, I always loved Kill MotherFucking Depeche Mode :)

  2. Note – Keep Madonna from Making Music – KMFMM?

    Kirsten’s Muffin Flies During Movies
    Kirsten Might Fuck During Mass
    Kirsten Makes Fine Durable Muffins

    Okay that was enough fun. Did you notice that Howard Dean will now be in Seattle at 7:30 PM on Sunday August 24?

    I guess they changed their dates. Have fun. :)

  3. John – Point? No point, really, aside from that’s what I’ve been listening to all day. But I’d say that if it prompted you to dig some out — on vinyl, no less — and listen to it, than that’s point enough. ;)

    Kirsten – rock on! Thanks for the spelling goof (now fixed) and the Dean info (which I hadn’t noticed yet). Very cool! :D

  4. KMFDM claims to be named after “Kein Mitleid fuer die Menscheit” or “Keine Macht fuer die Menscheit”. That first line of yours makes no sense, whatsoever, in German :)

  5. Oh.

    Well, yeah. I’m good like that. ;) Been far too many years since I was in German classes.

    However, in my defense:

    What Does KMFDM Stand For? (agrees with me)
    KMFDM(?) (kind of agrees with me, just switched around)
    Eifersucht Forum -> off-topic posts -> KMFDM dvd (forum thread, again, almost agrees with me)

    Oooh…and here’s a quote direct from Sascha:

    …when we first came to the US, you know people always ask what does KMFDM stand for? And it stands for “Kein Mitleid Fur Die Mehrheit” which translates to “no pity for the majority” so I kept explaining this and it didn’t make any sense and people would say, “what are you talking about” and then this guy named Shawn Joyce came up and said why don’t you just tell them it means “kill mother fucking Depeche Mode” so with that came the kind of pranksterish sort of joke titles.

    So I wasn’t too far off! ;)

  6. So it’s Mehrheit instead of Menscheit? I see. That makes less sense than “Menscheit”, but, well :). Back, when nobody knew KMFDM outside their hometown (and mine), they called themselves first “Mehrheit”, then “Menscheit”. That’s how I thought it evolved… well :)

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