You’ve probably noticed that there are many different spellings of Arabic names depending on which news source you are reading. The truth is that there is no consensus how to write Arabic words in English. If we are going to investigate Arabic names we must therefore use phonetic spellings. Saddam’s sons then become Koosay, Eebay, and Ooday.

Now if we translate those names from Pig Latin back into English we have Skoo Bee Doo. Is this a veiled reference to the cartoon dog from the 1970s, Scooby Doo? Can it be anything but that?

Well consider this. Scooby Doo’s final year of first-run shows was 1977. It was also in 1977 that Saddam Hussein came to power in the ruling Baath Party.

Coincidence? You decide.

Bernard Slattery

(via Glenn)

3 thoughts on “Koosay, Eebay, and Ooday

  1. I feel that this is true! Scooby Doo and these people have a lot in common. ALWAYS RUNNING SCARED! Sure Scooby would stick out his chest and act brave, but when the real ghost ( The Holy Ghost, perhaps!)would rear his head, these “chickens” ran for cover, just like Scooby. Well, lets act our true christian nature and wish them the best. I know I was pulling for Scooby in the end, so why not wish something nice on those that make mistakes. God Bless!
    I guess I am wishing all of you a nice life too!


  2. Its funny how colin just seems to imply every other religion is wrong appart from christianity. Remember one things Christianity and islam have the same basic principles. They both come rom the same roots.
    But then who are any of us to say which religion is right or wrong?

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