The building I work in on the Microsoft campus (123) is flanked on the south and east by two buildings that used to belong to another company, but were purchased by Microsoft sometime in the past year. Until yesterday, the buildings had sat unused for the past few months. However, yesterday barricades went up blocking off the parking lot for the two buildings, and today signs declaring ‘DANGER: CONSTRUCTION AREA’ went up. Looks like there is going to be renovation work on the two buildings, plus the addition of a four-story parking garage (I’m guess that that’s going to replace the parking lot, but I’m not terribly sure on that). The barricades are up, workmen are starting to clear out some of the landscaping, and trucks are starting to fill the parking lot.

Talking about this with one of my co-workers, I found out that there’s also a rumor that our building might be slated for work, too. This one’s purely in the rumor stage, so who knows how accurate it is, but still.

I just can’t seem to escape construction these days. If it’s not my apartment building, it’s my job. What fun!